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Inspired by nature

Even a drop can sway the balance of the whole. We understand the importance of individual requirements and expectations for their correct interpretation ultimately given the key to our mutual satisfaction. The aim is harmony. We try to create it yourself... We try to be part of it.

Main objectives

In today's dynamic business world is the success of the company subject to many circumstances. Strategy, business model and many other elements must be as unique as a company. Software solutions must necessarily reflect the uniqueness and support – from beginning to end.

We not review the success of service delivery by size but by customer satisfaction with our work. We respect the customer orientation and erudition in his field and together with our experience to create solutions that clearly support its core business.


The phrase "a posteriori" are Latin in origin, and literally mean "from what comes later", respectively (or, less literally, „after experience", respectively).
An early philosophical use of what might be considered a notion of a priori knowledge is Plato's theory of recollection, related in the dialogue Meno (380 B.C.E.), according to which something like a priori knowledge is knowledge inherent in the human mind.

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